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Wellin(TM) Inc. Awarded Patent for Hyper Immune Milk Benefit


Wellin Inc. is a Milk Biologics company that utilizes a patented and clinically tested ingredient, Microlactin, as a dietary supplement. Wellin is currently sold direct to consumers on their website www.wellininc.com.


Greenwich, CT, May 29, 2020 --(PR.com)-- At a time when the world is grappling with COVID-19, Wellin(TM) Inc., a milk biologics company, has received another patent (#104-78-493) on its novel hyper immune milk protein concentrate and the method of its extraction. The invention relates to the active ingredient, known as MicroLactin(TM), and its method for treating gastrointestinal disorders in immunocompromised patients.

In the patent, MicroLactin(TM) provides improvement to gut health through its proprietary blend of Immunoglobulin G (IgG), Immunoglobulin A (IgA), lactoferrin, and amino acids in combination with other vitamins and minerals which support gut health.

Many recent studies have demonstrated that maintaining healthy microorganisms throughout your digestive system, called the gut microbiome, provides excellent benefits for your body which includes enhancing your immune system. Although the majority of pathogens that damage the gut microbiome are destroyed by gastric acid in the stomach, some do slip through and inhibit the body's ability to absorb nutrients and control blood sugar. IgG is the first antibody produced by the body to fight a new infection while also improving the ability of the digestive tract to defend itself against other pathogens.

Wellin Inc. is currently using a proprietary iteration of MicroLactin(TM) in a dietary supplement that helps support immune health. Immune system function slows down with age. In fact, it has been shown that the immune system reaches peak performance at around 20 years of age and gradually loses its effectiveness. By the age of 70, it's operating at only 10% of its original proficiency. In a national survey recently conducted by Wellin, 76% of consumers over the age of 60 are more concerned about their immune health than ever before.

“Our mission is to support and promote immune health, which weakens as we age. We are on the side of a generation that is redefining aging and immune health and we’re empowering them to live as actively as they wish, for as long as they wish,” said Shauna Lagatol, Wellin CEO. “This is a product that has previously been clinically proven to address inflammation and reduce joint discomfort. The fact that we now have the patent on its application for gut-immune health creates another level of wellness we can support.”

Dr. Ryan Attar, MD NS added: “Consumers are searching for something beyond the typical Vitamin C and zinc supplements. The potential for products using this patented invention are badly needed in a market that is currently inadequately supplied with novel, natural, immune-boosting supplements.”

The scientists at Wellin were inspired by the natural power found in milk, with the natural immunity ingredients that are produced by cows to build up their calves’ immunity. With over 40 years of study, the research and development behind the MicroLactin™ ingredient has elevated milk’s inherent healing capabilities on several levels. Most importantly, there are the many benefits it provides to overall health, including complementing the body’s anti-inflammatory response, promoting improved antibody function, and helping to enhance athletic performance.

Learn More at: www.wellininc.com

About Wellin

Wellin is a milk biologics health and wellness company dedicated to developing consumer products that help support a healthy immune system and reduce joint and muscle discomfort. The company’s patented and proprietary ingredient has been clinically tested and is self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) certified by FDA standards.

Wellin is a proud supporter of the Immunity Community on Facebook, www.facebook.com/groups/650131915558801/.

The Immunity Community is a forum for people to share their health care journey as we go through this national COVID-19 crisis in the US. The goal is to be a community platform for people sharing health care journey, immune boosting routine, share and learn from each other.

The only dual action supplement for both joint and immune support

The only dual action supplement for both joint and immune support

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