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What is Microlactin®?

A hyper immune natural milk protein concentrate that contains antibodies such as IgG, IGA, Amino Acids and LactoFerrins, shown in studies to help support a healthy immune system.

Microlactin's Origin - The Power of Milk

The origin of the immune system boosting supplement MicroLactin® begins more than 65 years ago when Robert Stolle – entrepreneur, innovator and philanthropist – became intrigued with research into the potential of cow's milk to significantly enhance the human immune system. In particular, he was captivated by the prospect of using milk from immunized cows to strengthen the body's ability to combat ailments, such as rheumatoid arthritis and chronic inflammation, that were the result of a weakened immune system.

He purchased a large dairy farm in Ohio and hired a team of scientists with the goal of turning the research into reality. Their efforts resulted in a powdered milk product that Mr. Stolle came to call, Series 100 (S100) immune stimulant. S100 contained powerful antibodies and milk micronutrients capable of provoking a response in the human immune system through passive immunity to fight back against toxins, bacteria and viruses that attack the body.

Main antibody in our bodies Immune Eco-System

Supports the Immune System

Promotes Calming of the Body

Defends against Toxins and Invaders

MicroLactin® is:

Low in Lactose

Revolutionizing the Power of Passive Immunity

Scientists have long recognized the ability of naturally acquired and artificially acquired passive immunity to enhance the body's protection against diseases through the transfer of antibodies between individuals.

A common example of naturally acquired passive immunity is the process by which a mother conveys antibodies to a fetus during pregnancy through the placenta. After birth the passive immunity process continues through colostrum and breast milk transferred to an infant during breastfeeding. As a result, a young child is able to fend off bacterial and viral infections using the mother's antibodies until its own immune system can produce these vital antibodies.

Artificially acquired passive immunity occurs when antibodies of immune individuals or animals are transferred to non-immune persons. It has been the basis for antibody therapy that began in the late 1880s and continues to this day. Much in the way a human mother's milk fortifies her child's immune system through naturally acquired passive immunity, cow's milk in the form of the MicroLactin® supplement can promote immunity, fight inflammation and improve gut health through artificially acquired passive immunity. It transfers essential antibodies as well as important micronutrients found in cow's milk that the body cannot produce on its own and yet are necessary for optimal health.

MicroLactin® FAQs

Is MicroLactin® safe?
MicroLactin® is a self-affirmed GRAS ingredient and has no side effects of any kind.
Does MicroLactin® contain Lactose?
Though derived from milk, MicroLactin® is so low in lactose that most people who are intolerant can take it without side effects.
What makes MicroLactin® effective?
MicroLactin®’s higher concentration of immune factors naturally found in milk make it very effective.  In farming our dairy cows, the use of hormones and antibiotics are strictly forbidden. Special treatments were developed to stimulate the cows' natural production of immune and other factors in the milk, which is why MicroLactin® is so effective.
Who benefits from taking MicroLactin®?
The most common users of MicroLactin® are individuals with joint discomfort, athletes looking to aid in muscle recovery, and those who wish to boost overall health.
Have studies been done on MicroLactin®?
Yes.  There are two primary studies to evaluate the efficacy of MicroLactin®.  The latest study was concluded in June 2018 and showed MicroLactin® to be highly effective in easing joint discomfort. Read the results..
Can my pets take MicroLactin®?
Yes.  There is a product called Duralactin on the market which uses MicroLactin® as its active ingredient.  It has been proven to be highly effective in animals who suffer from joint problems. 
Is MicroLactin® natural?

MicroLactin® is an all-natural derivative the milk of grass fed New Zealand cows.  MicroLactin® is low-lactose, low fat, and high protein.  There are no added hormones or antibiotics. 

How long has MicroLactin® been on the market?
MicroLactin® has been available for more than 65 years. It is only recently becoming popular for its high level of effectiveness in improving joint health naturally.
Where does MicroLactin® come from?
MicroLactin® is derived from the milk of New Zealand dairy cows, and is made in the USA.
How quickly will MicroLactin® start working?
A typical “load phase” is 10-14 day period during which the user must consume 2,000mg twice each day.  Relief typically begins within that load time frame.  After the load phase, intake drops to 1,000mg, twice each day.  However, it is very important that you maintain the cadence of taking the appropriate dose twice per day.  If you forget more than 2 days in a row, simply go through the load phase again.
Can Wellin™ with MicrolactincureCoronovirus?
No, Wellin™ is not a drug.  As a dietary supplement it helps support a healthy immune response.

How It Works

Inflammation is a natural response used by the body to fight infection caused by invading microorganisms and is essential for repairing tissue damage following injury.

In most circumstances, the inflammatory response involves a series of tightly-controlled steps or checkpoints that stop inflammation from cascading out of control. However, many common long-term conditions affecting the body are known to be linked to an inappropriately chronic inflammatory reaction, which can contribute towards significant unwanted pain, discomfort and permanent tissue damage.

MicroLactin® is an all-natural, biologically-active [ingredient] that works to stop unwanted inflammation in its tracks. By strengthening the integrity of the barrier-like wall of cells that line blood vessels, MicroLactin® prevents fluid from leaking from the blood into the tissue at sites of chronic inflammation and inhibits excessive swelling. Through its barrier-enhancing properties, MicroLactin® also prevents the movement of neutrophils - a type of white blood cell involved in the initiation and propagation of inflammation - from the blood circulation into the inflamed tissue, where they release their cargo of toxic chemicals and destructive enzymes. Left unchecked, this can lead to pain, swelling and loss of healthy tissue function but with MicroLactin® this process is stopped at its earliest stages to prevent ongoing unwanted damage.

MicroLactin® has been clinically proven to inhibit chronic inflammation without the side effects or risks of other therapies. Totally natural, MicroLactin® can be used for the treatment of all types of chronic inflammation.