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Be Well as Hell

Rejuvenate Joints and Boost Immune Health with Wellin™'s MicroLactin®, milk’s natural potency, from grass-fed New Zealand Cows.


Patented and Clinically Tested

Contains BioMolecules known to support Immune Health: IgG, IgA, Amino Acids and Lactoferrin


Made in USA

Our patented process extracts and harnesses unique Microlactin proteins and bio nutrients (IgG) that are naturally found in the milk of free range, grass-fed New Zealand cows.

Proven Power

Personal ailments were assessed using the WOMAC Index.  Clinical trial participants experienced a 37% improvement in their physical function.

Inflammatory Fighter

MicroLactin® has been clinically proven to inhibit chronic inflammation without the side effects or risks of other therapies.

Rejuvenate Yourself



Immunity Protection Inspired by Mother Nature

The Wellin™ Company Mission Statement

Our bodies inevitably age – it is one life’s few guarantees. Millions of people, when they reach their 60’s, experience a first wake-up call that their bodies are aging. This can be in the form of aches and pains as well as the fact their immune systems just done jump back like their 40 year oldself! An even bigger disconnect is that their mind and mentality do not feel like their body!

At Wellin™, we believe there is a generation of people that don’t feel ready to surrender to aging and that refuse to let their body dictate their possibilities. We believe the meaning of a person's age is the meaning you decide to give to it. So we are developing products that empower 60+ generations to live as actively as they wish. In particular, we believe 60+’s immunity deserves to be protected and rejuvenated, as it is of pivotal importance to lead an active life for longer.

Wellin™ was inspired by the natural power found in milk, with the natural immune boosting ingredients that are produced by cows to build up their calves’ immunity. Our patented process extracts and harnesses unique proteins and bio nutrients (IgG) that are naturally found in the milk of free range, grass-fed New Zealand cows. By unleashing this immunity potential from within the untouched pastures of the Long Cloud country, we have redefined how a natural supplement can reinforce immune balance and strength, and rejuvenate immunity.

We are on the side of this generation that is redefining aging.

Contains antibodies such as IgG, IGA, Amino Acids and LactoFerrins

Inspired by Nature’s Immune Function

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